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    Great info. Those of us close to the Mexico border often see the new cars driven across the border for car shows. Renault needs a solid presence and no better than Nissan, with a good dealer network and a real interest in the company to do it. Chrysler failed.

    Originally posted by Badskpr View Post
    Renault is due to come back into the United States in 2014. Legal action by Chrysler Corporation is past statue of limitations. Frankfurt Tennessee is the
    NISSAN LEAF PLANT. Look for Renault to buy a closed Chrysler Plant on Chemical row ( Ontario Provence and Port Huron Michigan). New stock car class "Lafayette" (open roadster of production electric vehicle with passenger from stands or a "wounded warrior") at Irwindale Speedway ( possibly an electric
    "ZE" Renault Accolade).
    BETTER PLACE is part of Nissan-Renault ZE partnership with funding from
    Billionaire Shai Agassi and other European investors. The United States Location:ML Faiez
    better Place

    Helping to keep our Renaults on the road


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      Better place united states

      work 650-845-2800
      mobile 650-845-2850

      work [email protected]
      home page
      friend BALI Coordinator for California
      work 1070Arastradero Road
      Palo Alto, California 97304
      United States

      Note: Fast charging and battery
      DIRECT LINE 650-845-2867
      exchange stations
      affiliated with Renault ZE
      FAX 1-650-845-2850
      My Renault Alliance will on the road next week.


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        The 1985 renault alliance dl is coming out today with American Legion plates in Hemet. Thanks to Star Auto Parts, a brand new CV axel left side (still in the box) is on.


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 The Five models of the Renault ZE electric vehicles now on market in 20 countries. Go Renault!