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  • Questions about the Renault Lecar

    Hello, everyone

    I have quite a few questions about the car. When I save up my money, I'm planning on buying ''The Coach'' to learn how to work on it, and take to a car show. Anyways, here are the questions:

    - Is there any good renault stores online that I should visit?

    - How much MPG does it get?

    - I'm about 6ft tall. Would I be able to fit comfortably in the car?

    - I'm going to go to college soon and learn how to be a mechanic. Any good advice for me to remember before I go?

    - What kind of tools should I purchase?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Sorry.. no good Renault stores online anymore - at least in the US.

    A well tuned LeCar will get 30+ MPG - depends on driving style, tires, etc.

    6' tall is no problem - they have a strangely amazing amount of room in them for such a little car. Don't get me wrong, it's no Cadilac, but you will have no problem.

    Simple advice - don't get an automatic (not sure if there were even on LeCars...). Get one with a decent body and basically complete because finding parts is tough and will frustrate anyone.

    Tools: Go to Sears and get one of their complete wrench sets - especially the metric sizes. Don't get cheap tools for wrenches - this is where to spend your money because the cheap ones break quickly and ALWAYS at the wrong time...

    Then, get an inductive pickup timing light, a simple volt meter, a good shop light, little magnets and grabbers on the springy sticks, lots of rags, big hammer, chisels, torque wrench, vise grips, wire stripper, wire splices and crimper, floor jack, X lug nut wrench... These types of tools can be less expensive like from harbor freight and be replaced over time with high quality ones.

    I'm not a mechanic by trade, but like to play one as a hobby. Best advice is to get a car you don't need to rely on as daily transport and don't be afraid to just rip into it. I learned more from building an auto-x car than anything - complete engine swaps, custom manifolds and ingitions, etc... A LeCar is perfect for all of this because it's not like an old Porsche that you wouldn't want to make a mistake on...

    Good luck,

    82 Renault LeCar
    83 Renault GTA Auto-x'r
    71 Porsche 911E
    69 Trimuph Spitfire MkIII
    9? Swiss Hutless 100cc racing kart
    + daily drivers...