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  • Looking For my First Renault

    Good Evening,

    My name is Cody and I am a 30 year old Renault fan from the Los Angeles area. I first joined the club a few years back looking for a Caravelle, but I realize that a Caravelle is beyond my budget for the time being. Also, me and my wife now have twin boys, so a four seat Renault is a must.

    I am on the hunt for a nice R10, R16 or round headlight LeCar, preferably one in the Socal area. Now, what may be the deal breaker is my budget: with twins and replacing our broken refrigerator, my budget is now in the $2,500 to $3,000 range. Is it possible to purchase a good running example of one of the above models in this budget? If so and if someone is interested in selling one, please let me know! I've already been eyeing a nice '78 LeCar in the LA area, but the price seems steep. Anyways, I look forward to being a new member and will be visiting at The Best of France and Italy on the 7th! Thank you for your time!

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    Socal is a good place to be looking for a vintage Renault. There should be a number of rust-free cars. It is harder to find a solid example here in the east. Take your time, especially on a tight budget. You might also consider a late Dauphine (62 and later). I had a round headlight LeCar many years ago - I like the round headlight look better. I never owned an R10, - nice cars and not too many people in the US want them, so even a good example should be inexpensive. I don't think there are too many people looking for the R5 or R16 in the US either. I am completing an exhaustive restoration of a 1959 4cv. The 4cv is cute, but is not as refined as the Dauphine and later Renaults.


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      Thank you for the great info mrfixit64! Actually, I'm going to change it up a bit as our vehicle needs have changed. As me and my wife have twin boys and a St. Bernard, I would like to find a classic family hauler to carry everyone and our gear around. A vintage van such as a VW Bus (too expensive) or Dodge A100 would be great. With that in mind, are their any Estafette passenger vans in the USA? I know they were made and sold in Mexico, maybe a few trickled into the USA..