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Wanted Mechanic 1987 Alliance Convertible, Cleveland Ohio

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  • Wanted Mechanic 1987 Alliance Convertible, Cleveland Ohio

    My mom passed away in 1996. My daughter is now learning to drive and my dad wants to give her the Convertible. It's a 1987 1.7L Auto Trans and in excellent cosmetic condition with around 30,000 miles on it.

    Car is immaculate and has been stored and not driven or started since 1996. Anyone have a clue as to what would be required to get this vehicle safely back on the road?

    Are parts readily available in the States?

    I appreciate

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    Parts are ok to find. First of all you need to have it serviced, a tune up, immediately change both belts, timing and accesories, brake pads, maybe cylinders, check out the charge and it should be it, appart from any noise you may find in the meantime.

    Check out Rockauto, they deliver most of the parts you will need.
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