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Motor needed for Renault Dauphine

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  • Motor needed for Renault Dauphine

    I need an engine for a Renault Dauphine. The price is negotiable. The motor doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be in running condition.

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    I can get you a restored unit Is the only way to go or I can restore yours The option of good used is not for Renault vehicles , Tooo many things could and will go wrong when you find a junk one. Call me at (786) 546-4552 Eastern daytime hours
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      If you are even a little mechanically inclined, it is very easy to upgrade the Dauphine running gear to an R8 or R10 unit (lots more of those available and running). Everything bolts in and you only need to do a little welding for the radius rods and relocate the radiator. Way cheaper and more satisfying than putting a 38hp Dauphine engine back in.
      1971 R10 - R1192


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        Hi If you wish to replace the engine in your 4CV we can offer you the following
        1) R-8 1108 engine 20 hour of usage see functioning on video complete or long block
        2) 1.4 engine already modify to fit and work on R-8-10 and improved with special road & race cam 180mm clutch long block or complete
        3) Parts to you do the job
        3) If you wish to restore your engine with dauphine gordini 850cc set up, we also can help
        We also have SPECIAL PARTS, BIG CLUTCH COVER, FORK, INPUT SHAFT which is a must to be able to use 170mm & 180mm Clutches, Exhaust headers ETC . Also normal parts for older Renaults.
        If interested we can talk [email protected] open shop per appointment OR call (786) 546-4552 EASTERN DAYTIME HOURS.
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