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Anyone compiled a list of cars in this Club?

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  • Anyone compiled a list of cars in this Club?

    Hello all, proud new owner of a Renault 4CV I was wondering if anyone already compiled a list of owners cars. I was curious to see how many of these 4CV were left in the US.
    Working on reviving the car right now. The engine seems to be sound but the body shows its age....

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    I was thinking the same thing. It would make a great sticky.

    I have 2 Caravelles in Idaho. With an eye on another.

    R1092 16793 Not running and bad rusted floorboards

    R1092 39925 Not running but close - has an engine from an R10 (810-04)


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      We got parts for the early Renaults R-5-8-10-12-15-16-17- Caravelle, Dauphine & 4CV's.

      Let us know your needs . Reach us at (786)546-4552 Eastern daytime hours.


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        Evidently le spammeur struck again.

        To be ON TOPIC, a register of 4CV and other Renault cars in North America is a great idea. I am doing this for Peugeot 404s throughout the world and we have 6500 cars registered by VIN. So start by contacting known owners and asking them to share their VIN and a photo of the car. You may be surprised what happens over years. Aeropylot had the right idea.
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