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  • Alliance/Encore Part numbers

    Hi folks,

    I have the parts microfiches for every Alliance and Encore from 1983 to 1987.

    This allows me to obtain any part number for any year of Alliance or Encore and I can also determine whether or not a part from one year will fit another year.

    Anyone who needs help with this can post a request under this thread and I'll be pleased to help.


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    Could you let me know if front brake rotors for 1987 Alliance GTA are number 7700754287?

    Thank . Jerry P


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      Hi Jerry,

      The part number for the front rotor on the 1987 GTA is 32001683. I Googled your part number and it seems to fit a variety of Renault and Chrysler vehicles including the T19 19 Clio and Renault trucks but I didn't see it listed for the Alliance. If you google the correct part number with the word Renault it comes up with a number of sources for your rotor. Also Rock Auto has your brake rotor for around $20. Hope this is helpful.



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        Any other number for 7700760828?
        Fernando Zavala
        Alliance 1985 Limited
        Encore 1986 GS
        Encore 1986 Electronic


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          Hi Fernando,

          I didn't understand the question so I googled the number you gave plus the word Renault and I found your conversation of 2012 with Guillaume This told me that you are looking for a speed sensor for a 1986 Encore with the electronic cluster. The number that I have for this item is T0760828 and it fits the 1986 and 1987 Alliance and Encore and the 1987 GTA. Since after 1985 Renault abbreviated many part numbers, many parts are listed with two part numbers. This means that your part may be listed under the number you gave me and also under the number that I have.

          Hope this is helpful.



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            I have a parts book for the 1984 Alliance and saw the abbreviations. I thought they were done by AMC or maybe Chrysler, when it bought AMC for Jeep in 1987
            1971 R10 - R1192