How to Add Photos to Your Posts

To insert a photo from your computer when starting and new thread or replying to a post:
Click on the paperclip icon in the WSYIWYG menu button below the message field. This open the "Manage Attachments" pop up window where you can upload your photos.

Our vBulletin software makes it easy to post pictures from your hard drive, but if you wish to embed images hosted from sources not in your computer you must have your photos hosted online from a photo service like Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa or any of the others.

Start a new post or thread, then
If you're using Photobucket:
Go to your album and copy the "img" line.
Now, just paste into your post.
Hit Preview to make sure it worked.

If your image is hosted elsewhere, follow the following steps:
In Windows: Rt-click on the image > Properties
Highlight and copy the image url.
Now, go back to your post and click the Insert Image button.
Paste the url into the pop-up window.
Click OK.

If, for some reason, the pop-up window does not appear, you can simply paste the URL into your post and add the IMG tags before and after it.
I use this for photos I find on the web that I don't want to download to my own computer and reupload here. Much faster.