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My '72 R12 TL from Utah:

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  • My '72 R12 TL from Utah:

    Hey everyone,
    Here's a couple pics of my car you've been asking for. A little info, I live in Farmington, UT and I picked up this car about an hour north of my house. I'd never even heard of these, let alone seen one, before I bought it!

    (By the way, the cardboard is templates for mudflaps I'm making.)

    Does anyone know of an accurate R12 registry or know how many of these are in Utah/ The West coast? I'm thinking this could be one of only a couple in my state but I don't know.

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    There are only a handful of R12's in the states that I know of, one guy in Arizona has a green '72 R12 and a few months ago there was a yellow '74 R12 station wagon for sale in Montana. Another guy has 2 R12's in Michigan, a white station wagon and my old '74 R12. Also in Michigan there is a white R12 imported from France, I've seen it in person. There's a red station wagon somewhere in Jersey and I have one in NY. I've been trying to track them down in the last few years. I can send you photos of them if you'd like. You have a rare care and I'm glad to see that you're getting it back on the road.

    P.S. Your photos are not visible for some reason.


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      Thats cool! I didn't think there were too many. Sorry those pics didn't work, I have some new ones I'll post as soon as I can learn the code for posting pictures