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  • What am I in for?

    New member, I am more of a Camaro guy, I am rebuilding my first car bought when I was 15, which has been in storage for 20 plus years.
    However my boys mom is French, and I have always liked the old French cars.
    My boys are getting into heir teens now and are enjoying working on the old Camaro. My oldest who is 15 came to me with a craigslist ad and said he wanted to do this
    2 Dauphines for about $500. He had the money so we went to look at them.
    They are rough, but the blue one was a complete car with low mileage
    I was impressed with how all parts were there and they are really clean.
    The intimidating part is the rust in the floorboard. Rust in other areas looked minimal. But it is a flintstone car

    The red one was raced and is missing seats but has better floors. It is more of a donor car I think.

    So I don't know what I have gotten myself into.

    After we finish the Camaro in a month or two we are going to start on these by disassembling them both and media blasting them and the kids will learn body work

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    Is there a question we can answer? Parts are available in limited quantities. Rust in the floor is a common problem. Careful with bodywork, they have very thin skin.
    1971 R10 - R1192


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      A million questions haha, but I will ask as I get there.
      We are bringing them to the shop this weekend.
      Speaking of then skins what has been found to be the best welding method best welder for patches on this metal