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Will an Alliance engine fit in the R 17

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  • Will an Alliance engine fit in the R 17

    Does anyone have any experience in putting an Alliance Engine into a 17 body. Will the Alliance motor fit and will the 17 gearbox fit on the Alliance engine or would I need the engine and gearbox from the Alliance. Thanks

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    The Alliance engine/transmission layout is transversely mounted; whereas the 17 is longitudinally mounted. So two very different beasts; a pretty major undertaking.


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      Not exactly; he can install the alliance ENGINE 1.4 using the R-12 1.3L trainy 4 speeds (that will slap right on the R-17 chasis ),that came in other countries (not the U.S.A.) as the R-12 1.3L model comes already with a small block set up. Some ajustments with the clutch might have to be done . ON the Alliance Trainy you will have to discard it. Thanks


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        I have the opportunity to accquire an engineless R17, my buddy bought the R17 for the Gordini engine which he plans to put in a Dauphine. I think the R17 is way too good to crush, I asked about the Alliance as he has an Alliance I could rob the engine from. Other than the Alliance engine is there anything else (a slightly more common engine even non Renault) that I could put in the R17. I would really like to save the R17. Thanks


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          There's been at least one R17 with the Fuego motor swapped into it; how is the body and the rest of the R17?