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1939 Renault Primaquatre

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  • 1939 Renault Primaquatre


    I'm new to the forum.

    I'm getting into pre-war French cars and someone I know, who lives in Europe, has a 1939 Primaquatre that I would like to know how much you guys think it's worth in the US.


    I believe this fantastic Primaquatre is an extremely rare find, given it's immaculate condition in and out!

    Thank you.

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    Hard to say; in Europe in good condition it's about a 10,000 Euro car. Very good, maybe 18,000 Euros. The number of people in the USA who'd pay that plus shipping costs from Spain for one must be infinitesimally small.
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      This car was restored by my friend, who has worked on many classic cars over the past 25 years. There are some great stories about this car being taken around France on the back of a truck, only for the owner to get pulled over by police who decided that they wanted to have their own ride! I think he drove it for about 5-6 hours before putting it back in the truck and continuing his journey. This thing is just incredible and the history behind it really makes this project unique. Click Here
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