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  • Windshield

    Does anyone know if a Floride windshield is the same for a Caravelle.i have a1961 Caravelle and have been looking for a windshield for 3 years.found a new one at Mr.Fiat online for a Floride.phoned him and he did not know it it was the same.

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    The 1961 Caravelle was a 1961 Floride anywhere else in the world except for the US and the UK, so it SHOULD be the same. Why don't you measure your windshield frame and I could compare it w/ my 1963, incidentally w/ Floride S tags on the body. Where are you located?


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      There are many benefits to using floride windshield. One benefit is that they help keep your car cooler while driving. Another benefit is that they can reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your windows. Click Here


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