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Air conditioning on rear engine Renaults

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  • Air conditioning on rear engine Renaults

    I would some information and pictures about air conditioning on Renault Dauphine, 8, and 10. It’s my understanding that they were options starting in the later half of the 60’s. Were these units provided by Renault or did the dealers have a deal with an aftermarket company like Volkswagen’s of the era? If it’s possible if I can see pictures of each cars interior with the ax and their engine bay so I can see the “ac” components and how they attach the engine.
    also if anyone has any kind of documentation like service manuals or the like is there anyway I could get a scan of that? Or if anyone knows if the manuals are available online could I have a link?
    And I’d like to know if anyone has added aftermarket air conditioning to the Dauphine, 8, or 10? If so could you tell me how you went about doing it? (I would ask about the 4CV but that’s laughable. But if anyone has you could let me know how you went about doing it.)
    The reason I’m asking is because I’m looking to get a vintage Renault and I live in Florida and I cannot go without air conditioning.

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    AS long as I have been around rear engine Renaults (starting in 1969), I have yet to see any of them with A/C. Dauphines and 4CV do not have enough power to give, R8 and R10 have little more, but no room for a compressor. These cars were designed in a country that did not use A/C and were primarily town cars, no long trips.
    1971 R10 - R1192