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1984 Encore S 4 door hatch Pros and Cons???

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  • 1984 Encore S 4 door hatch Pros and Cons???

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I was recently entranced by the photo of a cold, lonely, 1984 Renault Encore S hatchback (automatic trans) that has been left for dead. No visible rust (on the exterior) but also not running. I need some words of wisdom (or WARNING) from those who know about these cars to either lead me toward buying this car, or to slap some sense into me! I have rescued a few cars already, mainly trusting my intuition (67 Dodge Polara, 87 Plymouth Caravelle Turbo, 95 Civic, 06 Nissan Sentra), but I'd feel more confident to first know what the pros and cons are before committing to this one.... Thank you in advance!