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  • Hi, Dan: I've been looking for a Dauphine for some time and came across this one. It's currently in Denver with a friend who is doing the mechanicals over for me. Once he has it running properly I am going to have it shipped back to New Jersey where I live. Then I am going to have the body and interior work done. If I can help you with anything, let me know. A big help is getting the repair manuals that go with the car. I found one on eBay and I have the ROCNA cd with the manuals. To answer your question, Gordini was a succesful racer who built his own race cars, then went to work for Renault in the 50's. He engineered several improvements to the Dauphine including a 20+% bump in the horespower with higher compression, a bigger carb, headers, disc brakes and a 4-speed. The Dauphine became a very succesful ralley car in its class, winning Monte Carlo. Renault then released a Gordini edition of the Dauphine with these improvements.