I saw your car photo next to your email name. I'm trying to determine whether it is worthwhile fixing up our old 1961 Floride.

While the car runs, it looks like I need quite a few motor parts before it is road safe:

Wheel Cylinder (4 of them)
Master Brake Cylinder
Motor Mounts
Water Pump
Clutch (cover, disk & bearings)
Steering Wheel
Back tail bulb on the left side and plastic cover on the rights side.

Can you suggest a good reputable parts seller, preferably in USA so the shipping will be less. Do you know how much these items will run in US dollars. I need to determine whether it is worthwhile fixing up this car or not.

As for body parts everything is in decent shape put for a small dent in the passenger door and the front and back fenders have been bent. Unfortunately, I also have some rust spots that might prove problematic (mainly behind both front tires on the side). Suggestions on how to fix these rust spots since this is a unibody car? Cristina